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Quality Ingredients

At Color Earth we believe in creating high-quality, effective and affordable products which are made using living ingredients from nature. We believe that the unique ingredients in our products help the body to recognize and utilize them better.

Many of our products also feature proprietary and even patented forms of ingredients which have been formulated to enhance the absorption and/or optimize the effectiveness.

You'll notice that most products have a sketch of an ingredient on the label. That is a custom sketch of an actual ingredient found in that particular formula. See if you can recognize all of the ingredients. If you need help identifying the ingredient in the sketch, the featured ingredient is highlighted in the supplement facts box or in the ingredient list on the back label.

You’ll find many herbal and vegetable fortifications in our products such as barberry, wheat grass, passion flower, horesetail, basil, carob, alfalfa, cabbage, spirulina, garlic, echinacea, chlorella, sprouted barley and many more.

Great effort was taken to bring these quality products to you, and we hope you enjoy them.