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Cleanse/Detox FIRST, then SHED WEIGHT


Hello friends!

Cleansing and healing the intestinal tract can have a positive ripple effect on the health of the entire body–allowing better nutrient absorption, flushing and preventing toxin absorption, shedding weight, and improving overall vitality. This is why it's SO important to focus on cleansing and detoxing on a regular basis, and especially when starting any healthy diet routine.

Our Core Start product is a simple and effective way to gently and continually cleanse your digestive organs, improving the vitality and overall health of the gastrointestinal system by removing the mucoid plaque that accumulates in the bowels.

Core Start is a unique pH formulation rich in oxygen, magnesium, and other cleansing ingredients like slippery elm, ginger, marshmallow root and yellow dock, which are excellent healers and cleansers for your alimentary canal. (Available in veggie capsules here.)

Get Core Start and start cleansing & detoxing your way to better health and weight loss in 2017!


Color Earth Team