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If you’re like us, breakfast is a big deal. After all, moms have said for centuries that, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, right?

Not eating a good breakfast can have side effects that negatively impact weight, hormonal health, memory, cognition, mood, and more.

And while it’s important for our bodies to get good nutrition right out of the gate in the morning, the rush that ensues at the start of many days can leave us reaching for quick foods that are acidic and that lack nutrition–therefore quickly letting our bodies down.

The key is to be prepared and to have a plan.

When you’re able to put the proper alkalizing and energizing foods into your body at the start of the day, this will help motivate you to make good nutritional food choices the rest of the day.

Here are some of our favorite NON-TRADITIONAL breakfast ideas from The pH Miracle that you can easily execute daily.

We’re sure you’ll find some of these ideas very foreign compared to the standard American diet (SAD). It’s a new twist on breakfast! And DON’T WORRY, we have a recipe for pacakes as well—healthy seed pancakes, that is.


Green shakes are just as easy to make as fruit smoothies, but without all the acidic sugars, diary, and fillers. Just throw the alkalizing ingredients of your choice into a blender and whip it up! Enjoy the intense wake-me-up flavor of a LimeyLove shake. If you want a more stick-to-your-ribs shake, add more green powder, or soy sprouts powder, to pump up the protein and calorie content. If you like the creamier shake, experiment with adding avocado, coconut meat, or nut and seed milks or butters. Yum!

LimeyLove Shake

Serves 1

A favorite when it is hot outside! It’s somewhere between a slush and a shake.

½ avocado

½ English cucumber (organic and wrapped in plastic, if possible)

3-4 whole limes (peeled)

2 cups fresh spinach

1 tsp. raw green stevia, to taste

12-16 ice cubes

1 scoop Doc Broc’s SuperGreens (optional)

Place all ingredients in a blender, blend on high speed to a thick, smooth consistency. Serve immediately.


This does require some preparation a couple days in advance, but a warm sprouted cereal with almond milk is a quick and filling breakfast for those cold mornings. Buckwheat groats, cracked buckwheat and cream of buckwheat are available in most health food stores. Or make steamed buckwheat with extra water to create an oatmeal consistency.

Sprouted Cereal

2 cups wheat or rye grains (organic, unstored)

½-1 tsp. cinnamon

Soak the grain overnight in distilled water. Drain and set the jar on its side to sprout. Rinse the sprouts morning and evening and let them sprout for 2 days.

Add enough water to the sprouts to blend in a blender. Pour into a sauce-pan and cook until toasty warm. May be served in a bowl with your nut milk of choice.


This is a quick way to make a rich, creamy nut milk that can be used in any recipe calling for dairy. You can mix it half and half with raw green veggie juice for a refreshing breakfast drink. It’s also a great way to make a soup, shake, or pudding creamy.

Fresh Silky Almond Milk

Makes approximately 1 quart

4 C fresh raw almonds


Stevia, to taste (optional)

Soak the almonds overnight in a bowl of water to cover. Drain and place into a blender until it is one-third full (about 2 cups), then add water to fill the blender. (If you want a thicker almond cream, don’t use as much water.) Blend on high speed until the mixture is white and creamy looking. Pour through a fine-mesh strainer (I use a clean white nylon knee-high) into a bowl or pan. Squeeze with your hands to get all the liquid out. Add a bit of stevia to sweeten, if desired, or drink/use as is. Almond milk will stay fresh for about 3 days in the refrigerator. It will separate a bit, but all you need to do is stir or shake it up before serving.


Vegetables for breakfast sounds foreign when compared to the traditional Standard American Diet (SAD). But no matter how foreign it may sound, the flavors are actually invigorating in the morning, and the nutritional boost eye-opening. Give it a try! You may just start to crave these simple meals in the mornings.

Steamed broccoli florets with chopped onion and/or another green vegetable is surprisingly delicious in the morning. Steam lightly for five minutes then stir in some basic salad dressing, or just enjoy them with olive oil, salt, and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Top with soaked almonds or hazelnuts.

Steamed edamame (green soy beans) with toasted sesame oil and garlic salt will start you off with plenty of protein–and deliciousness!

Zippy Breakfast

A hearty breakfast choice. It is basically any healthy warm whole grain (we like steamed buckwheat or quinoa the best) topped with avocado and tomato plus any other veggie garnishes you like, drizzled with good oil, lemon or lime juice, and pure whole salts, then sprinkled with the Zip (Spice Hunter brand) or other zesty seasoning.

1-2 C cooked rice or grain of your choice (I use basmati, brown, or wild rice, millet, quinoa, or buckwheat)

1 avocado, sliced

1 firm tomato, chopped

1-2 tsp oil (flax, olive, etc.)

1-2 tsp. Liquid pHlavor Salt

Juice of 1 lemon or lime (or both)

Zip (Spice Hunter), to taste

Start with the warm grains in a bowl. Arrange the sliced avocado and tomato on top. Then drizzle the oil, salt, and lemon juice over the top. Sprinkle with Zip to taste.

Variation: Throw some chopped red bell pepper, sunflower seed sprouts, and soaked almonds over the top for extra crunch! Enjoy!

We hope you try some of these breakfast ideas. They may just help you break any damaging cycles of empty calorie, high sugar, or high caffeine breakfast routines that may be holding you back from improved physical, mental and emotional health.


Color Earth Team

Robert O. Young, PhD, and Shelley Redford Young (2002,2010). The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health. New York, NY: Grand Central Life & Style

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